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We Will Name and Shame the Domain Name And Copyright Thieves

There is no point in simply using our domain name when you have nothing to do with Livepages1.com. Visitors looking for Livepages1.com who go to your websites are disappointed about your faults misleading methods.

This page is for all the Copyright Thieves, Spy Companies and Spybot Owners. However, if you are an innocent person reading this page please disregard the nasty remarks we have made herein do not concerns you.

Any webmaster would feel the same when they are robbed of text content and regisrered domain name.

Currently thieves are using our registered domain name and content to get high ranking in Google search engine. Click here to read the proof of Google Algorithm problems.

If you are a spy looking for our Membership database, Live Demo Pages, Live Demo Rooms, Fitting Rooms or any other intellectual properties you will not find them in this website.

Copyright Thieves listed below cannot be trusted. Do not conduct any business with them.

We Will Name and Shame the Copyright Thieves.

Savelink the owners of www.livepages1.com will Name and Shame deliberate Copyright Thieves. Livepages1 is a registered unique domain name. Stealing content and domain names will do more harm than good for web sites.

This is Warning to Page Ranking Hijackers Copy & Paste Thieves, Cloakers, Spammers and Cheaters.

Search Engine owners do not tolerate cheaters. If you are a cheater your web site will be ban.

Your web site is listed here it is because you are using our name, copy text, title, or description content for the purpose of search engine high ranking.

If your site is listed here it will do you more harm than good. No one will trust you, web site and your business.

When Search Engine Robot find your web site listed here without a doubt Search Engine will ban your site.

Our advice is if you are not an authorised partner of Savelink then do not copy or steal any of our copyright materials. Copying and using our text strictly forbidden.

You are a Disgrace if your name or web site listed below. You are using our copyright text content that is reason why we have you listed here. If you do not want, your name disgraced as a Thieve then remove our copyright text content from your web site now and send us an e-mail asking to withdraw.

However, before we Disgrace you we will send you a warning notice by e-mail. To avoid the band by search engines do not ignore this notice.

This is also a lawsuits warning. If you do not remove our copyright materials from your web site, we will issue lawsuits against you and we will hold you as responsible for all costs incurred.

Irrelevant Results

The list below shows thieves that are using our Copyright text contents without our permissions. They are cheating Search Engines to get high ranking.

The Offending Copyright thieves Web Sites are shown in Red text.

See the list below for the offending web sites. We found these sites in search results. There are dozens of sites deliberately using our livepages1 domain name to be found in search engines. They do not have any link back to our site.

So-called webmasters who use our name without link back to this site are nothing but incompetent simple-minded thieves.

We did not authorise any of these web site owners to use ourcontent. The Thieves listed below were found in search engines. The Thieves simply use our name and our contant just to get high ranking in search engines.

The list of copyright thieves

Innocent people see your website listed below will realise that you are a cheater and they may not do any business with you.

Our copyright text contents and our domain livepages1 are shown in Blue text.

29 December 2005

Index of /livepages1/images
Index of /livepages1/images Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory 21-Nov-2005 11:20 - 20. 29-Mar-2005 12:52 0k 61. 13-Apr-2005 11:48 0k 80. 15-Apr-2005 13:44 0k 94. 15 ...

www.augustatomorrow.org/livepages1/images/?S=A Cached page
Index of /livepages1/images
Index of /livepages1/images Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory 21-Nov-2005 11:20 - 1.jpg 04-Mar-2005 14:22 97k 2.jpg 29-Mar-2005 11:53 48k 3.jpg 29-Mar-2005 11:54 53k 4 ...

www.augustatomorrow.org/livepages1/images/?M=A Cached page
Show more results from "www.augustatomorrow.org".
Index of /livepages1/images
Index of /livepages1/images Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory 21-Nov-2005 11:20 - 1.jpg 04-Mar-2005 14:22 97k 10.jpg 29-Mar-2005 12:01 42k 100.jpg 15-Apr-2005 14:14 48k ...

augustatomorrow.com/livepages1/images Cached page
Index of /livepages1
Index of /livepages1 Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory 22-Nov-2005 14:49 - 100.shtml 18-Oct-2005 14:33 7k 101.shtml 18-Oct-2005 14:33 6k 102.shtml 18-Oct-2005 14:33 5k ...

augustatomorrow.com/livepages1 Cached page
Show more results from "augustatomorrow.com".

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