For the better future teach our young people electronics in all schools.

Discover the TYPE why we need to teach the young people electronic engineering and manufacturing skills in schools.

Why teach our children and the young people electronics?

There are technological periods in the evolution ages. It has been written that the Stone Age was the first of the four-age systems that human discovered:

Space Age (next, solar powered transport systems)
Digital Age (current)
Iron Age
Bronze Age
Stone Age

The 21-century is the Digital Age. Digital electronics is the most powerful resource that human has discovered.

In order to encourage teach new subjects the schools need to introduce motivation and inspiration for the purples.

As life is all about winning therefore I use the WIN instead of PASS. Using the word winning A Level in Electronics sounds more competitiveness than the word pass A Level in Electronics.

Electronics classes should start at the age 6 years as games to win. The idea is to get the children interested in Electronics and winning.

A new policy at the age of 6 for introducing Electronics with the expressive arts and design classes.

Electronics is a very introducing subject, it will keep most older children occupied therefore it should keep them away from mischief.

In the 21st century, Children should grow up with good ambition to win new ideas and creativeness. This will be useful at the later ages in the developments of winning innovative skills. Such as inventions, manufacturing world class products and winning successful export business in the competitive market places.

At the end of schools purples should be qualified in priority subjects such as English, Mathematics and Electronics.

All of these skills at school ages will be useful for whatever studies they choose in collages and universities.

Keep Great Britain United

Great Britain was great when it was an industrial nation. Since we stop manufacturing everyday products and consumer electronic products in the 20- century 1960 onwards our economy started deteriorating slowly.

We do not have natural resources such as rubber plantation, silver, gold, diamond mining to generate new money in order to sustain our economy.

Now the United Kingdom is breaking apart because we do not manufacture products in England to generate new money.

England is losing the respect within the United Kingdom. Therefore we must bring back manufacturing. This time round it is digital consumer electronic products. For these reasons the next HM Government must carryout a major investment shake-up in the education sector.

We are still in the early days of the Digital Age therefore, for a better future the next HM Government after the 7 May 2015 must add a new policy to the educations sectors.

The schools need to start introducing and teaching from suitable young age with specially printed books, toys and electronic component games to develop the power of electronics like in South Korea where the children are being develop to learn.

Currently the HMG has given freehand to the schools to do their own things. Therefore, the schools are providing just computer games, which is not teaching electronics as such. The schools are teaching the Young People to be just electronic product consumers. The Young People do not know how any electronic products work. They don’t even know there are components inside.

We want the HMG to invest on local authorities and the Department For Education take control of this particular subject. This is what I am campaigning for especially, in the current part of the digital age.

Simply importing, buying and selling has not produced any long-term economic growth for over sixty years. UK needs to bring back all kinds of small manufacturers. To do this the HM Government must invest more in educating English, Maths and Electronics.

For Better UK needs to publish electronic books suitable for five to ten year old children.

For Better UK must bring back the Electronic components and product manufacturing industries for economic growth and to enjoy better future.

I have been asking for top quality component manufacturing since 1966. It seems no one with power such as all the national News Papers, BBC, Politicians and the Government don't really care. The Government simply winding up the people by saying that we must manufacture products. How can we manufacture products without supply of reliable components?

Fifty years of using imported components in British made products have proved our economy being worsened yearly.

For Better UK schools must start teaching our young people now in order to bring back the Electronic industries.

As the world is in the digital age I will be putting forward various proposals for government to start a new program in schools in order to educate the young generation about electronic engineering and the reasons. This means introducing and teaching electronic engineering at the early ages.

These classes will create inspiration for the young people to take up electronic manufacturing skills and progress to various designs and developments especially on the component sectors and product manufacturing.

In the modern Digital Age, electronics rule all manufacturing industries. The UK needs to be one of the main manufactures of electronic components for the supply chain.

UK must manufacture all kinds of electronic components and products for economic growth to fund the NHS and all the other State owned sectors.

It is a known fact that almost every child in our country owns a digital device of some kind therefore he or she could be halfway into electronics.

Therefore, it is important we should teach the youngsters how their electronic device works and how to manufacture. This will give our young people the opportunity to become manufacturers.

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