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Retail Business Location Service

What is Retail Business Location Seekers?

Live pages services include independent researchers to identify the best location suitability for both new and old retail businesses.

Many established retailers and new make this vital mistake by not carrying out a proper location research for their retail stores or shops. How do they know if the business location is right for their trade?

They spend a lot of time and money on new locations only to close down within a year.

You need to know if there is a demand for your kind of trade whether you are starting a new business or an established firm moving to a new location.

If you are planning to start a new retail business, or moving to another location, even opening another brunch, we strongly suggest that you carry out a proper Business Location Seekers research.

We offer professional, reliable independent Location Seekers research report services for retail businesses.

Our independent Location Seekers research report is useful for writing up your business plain and feasibility study.

Our Retail Business Location Seekers is neither estate agent nor town planers services.

We concentrate solely on finding results whether it is suitable or unsuitable location for your business.

How much time dose Business Location Seekers take and how much does it cost?

We offer a low cost or a free service to help you find out from the information you provide us if the town and the location for your retail businesses is suitable.

There are two types of Location Seekers research. The free consultation version normally takes up to 2 hours.

The full survey email report will take up to three months.

From the results of our research and survey, we can predict that 95% accurate.

Please contact us for initial discussions,



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