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Live Demo Pages Marketing Tool

Business With Pleasure

We can assist today's fast paced companies with their Internet Catalogue solution by taking the technology load off their hands and therefore allowing them to focus on business growth.

If you have products to sell on the Web or from Catalogues you may rely on our Live Demo Pages Powerful Marketing Tool. This marketing tool will provide you with outstanding performance that will make your E-Commerce business work much harder than ever before. Live Demo Pages will give your business a better chance to get customers to buy your product.

The Live Demo Pages is fun and straight forward to use. This will give your visitor good reasons to do business with you. Live Demo Pages Web Site and CD ROM that works with a mouse.

It's easy, fun and enjoyable to use because the Live demo is mouse control in real time.

SaveLink provides a most Powerful Marketing tool for profitable web sites.

Live manipulative moving pictures in Live Demo Pages are control by a mouse. There may be millions of mice clicking around the world right now so why not put your business or organisation out there to be clicked.

Live Demo Pages has many uses.

Here in this Livepages1.com site we will focus on the commercial aspect of the Live Demo Pages marketing technique.

More and more individual people of all walks of life are using Internet to do their purchasing in one way or another. Live Demo Pages provides a new feature to view products on a computer monitor. The user control the Live Demos. It is also an advance form of advertising with live images controllable by the viewer. This great new web design will help capture higher volume of positive sales. Live Demo Pages provides new experiences for customers. They see products in action before they purchase. There is nothing better than giving customers Live Demo Pages to do their purchasing.

Create Customer Relationships

In this downward turn economy, every business is under pressure. You can improve sales and customer relationships without increasing overhead. Apply to enter inside the Live Demo Pages and learn the secrets of business sales productivity and customer retention.

You can rely on Live Pages for your online marketing.

Why Live Pages?

We use the word Live because all the objects in a still picture are converted to become Live objects. It's Not like the Animation below. It's not Flash. It's not Video show. It's a Web Design with Manipulative Moving Pictures (MMP). This means the pictures are Live, Functional and Controllable.

What do we promise?

Inside this web site we promise to show you the ultimate web design. It is fast and very easy to use. No special tool is required.

We are the only Web Designers in the world dedicated to specialise in creating Web Sites with (MMP) Live Demo Pages.

Can we create a web site complete with shopping cart?

Yes we can create a complete Live Page Shopping Centre with shopping cart, shopping basket and shopping bag for your business. Specially useful for boosting customer confidence, customer relationship and create marketing power.

A new way of marketing.

Choose Live Pages Web Design and exploit the Internet's power to transform the customer experience and create new potential customer centred business model.

When you have a Professional Web Designer with Creative Energy, business web designs with still pictures are things of the past. Why not change those still pictures to Live images. Web Design in Live Demo Pages will say much more than still pictures or thousand words can say.

As a Professional Web Design Firm we can take good care of your Intellectual Properties for online business growth.

We specialise in Live image conversion software development. Web Design that provides Live Demo Exposure for your products which leads to successful online business.

What does Web Design in Live Pages means?

Web Design in Live Pages means your web site will become like a high street store. The picture of your products are Live. You can let your visitors manually Handle, Select, Demo and View in wider angle.

We can assist you whether you're a small business owner or a international corporation that needs to maintain online business growth.

Fancy a Flash?

If you're looking for a Web Site with fancy "Flash" intro pages that say "Loading" and make you wait forever to download whirling animation that dance across your screen, then we will create a fancy Flash. While such things may demonstrate how clever web designer are, they have little to offer with creating a business Web Site that Sells. Apply and enter inside our Live Demo Pages and see what web design that can sell.

Who can enter our Live Demo Pages?

If you are a Business person, Government Official, Institution, Organisation visitor, you can Apply to Enter the Live Demo section and find out how it's done.

For Businesses and Services

Web Sites Designed to Demo any kind of Products. You may apply to enter our Live Pages section. Inside, there you can Demo, Inspect and play around with all those products shown in the animation below.

You don't even have to wait for download or download Plug-ins, simply Demo as you browse the pages. Please note that our Live Pages is NOT Flash or any other ordinary web designs. We have developed totally a brand new Web Design.

Web Designs in Live Demo Pages can produce much faster sales

We have lots of sample Web Design inside our Live Demo Pages section with a wide range of products for you to test them. Once you are inside our Live Demo Pages section you can manipulate the images of the retail products with your mouse to demonstrate, inspect and view in real time.

If you want to sell online why not let your visitors Demo it, Inspect it and try it then buy. SaveLink opens the door for a new generation of Web Design for business using Live Demo Pages with manipulative pictures.

The Internet is very seductive and can be mislead by scrupulous Web Designers whose main interest is building pretty Web Sites. You now have access to many millions of people, all just a mouse click away from buying and making you rich.

Theoretically, that is true, but it does not happen that way so easily. Taking a passive approach to building your online business by just sitting back with the wrong Web Design and waiting for the visitors to come and pour money into your web site checkout is just wishful thinking.

You have to get proactive to succeed here. Before you even begin to think about sales, you must find a way to attract genuine prospects to your site. Once they are in your site you have to keep them occupied.

Live Demo is truly needed by the Internet marketing industry.

Well we have got the perfect solution and it's all wrapped in one unique Live Demo Pages technique. You can increase traffic to your web site immediately. Significantly improve the effectiveness of your Web Site and successfully capture sales.

We'll show you just how simple and profitable it can be using Live Demo Pages.



Live Demo Pages
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