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How does the Live Page Technology work for your online business?

Live pages Technology is a new marketing web based programming for your online business growth.

Designing a usability and search engine friendly web site is quite a task. It becomes even harder to produce a web design in Live Pages. After about six months of hard work we found the perfect solution.

The way we start the project is by first listening to your goals and objectives. Our marketing and technology experts will then offer the most practical advice based on your input. This methodology ensures that you get the most out of your Live Demo Pages web site.

When you use a Live Demo Page you will have full control of the Demo program. In the picture of a product that you are viewing all the components are live. You use the mouse to manipulate the component parts for the Live Demo functions to operate right there on your screen.

Please note that Live Demo Page is not an animated pointer that goes clicking all over the screen before you can grab every thing, the demo is over.

To produce a Live Demo Page we will carefully simulate all the individual component parts in a picture of a product and make it work almost like the real thing.

Our Live Demo Pages is not the same as what others call Live pages or Demo pages that you have seen in the past. Our Live Pages do not use Flash, Video, Slide or any other plug-ins.

Remember, Live Pages allows your visitors to Live Demo whatever product that you are selling for 24 hours a day. They can play with your products until their hearts content.

Live Demo Pages
Live Demo Pages is a Internet Explorer Browser based application program. Best viewed in IE4+ with 800X600 16 bit colour.

Whether you are already trading on the Internet or thinking about taking your place in the fastest growing market place. Your company’s credibility online marketing can be easily established with a wise choice of SaveLink Live Demo Pages web design.

We can create your entire Internet Shopping Centre. The services we offer are exactly what you need to succeed online.

Whether you are an individual business owner, small business or a corporate, we can provide the solution to suit your needs. From a simple web site to the interactive applications.

Please give us as much information as you possibly can about your project, so that we can give you a correct price quotation and an explanation of what is required from you.



Live Demo Pages
Live Demo Pages©
Internet stores that display LDP logo will provide online Demo for their products.

Spread Online Demo for products around. Please send this page to your friends.

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