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What is Live Demo Pages?

Live Demo Pages is a new state of the art web design using manipulative picture techniques for demonstrating products online. This is not animation, slide show or video show. This is absolutely you control and do the demo by simply using your mouse. What is better than you demo and try it out on your screen before you buy?

Live Manipulative Photos, Pictures and Images

Unlike any other advertising systems our software converts Photos, Pictures, Graphic Images and display them as Live Manipulative objects on the browser that responds to your mouse command.

Do you want your Visitors to Demo and View your merchandise?

In this modern time if you want to sell online you need to let your customers Demo your products.

As the years go by more and more people will be using the Web Site, in search of things to buy. This means that there should be an improvement in the Internet marketing strategy to meet the user’s expectations. Therefore, we have decided to use state of the art graphic designs.

The most important aspect is that the customers can see how the product will actually work by manipulating the pictures and see if the product met its purpose before they buy from the Internet stores.

The Live Demo Pages can provide more than just a 3D photographic image of a product. It is live active and functional. This is a positive business approach for marketing in the Web and Catalogue. The Live Demo Page marketing is the way for the future.

The images in the Live Demo Pages are active, operative and they obey and respond to keystroke or mouse click command. You can see how each component of a product functions right there on the page.

Live Demo Pages can be on CD, Floppy Disk and Web Site.

The pictures of your products displayed as live component objects on the computer screen so you can manipulate and view. Why should anyone look at still pictures any more when you can use live pictures to Demo and view that functions almost like the real thing.



Live Demo Pages
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Internet stores that display LDP logo will provide online Demo for their products.

Spread Online Demo for products around. Please send this page to your friends.

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