Wall Mount Mug Hanger Racks

Here is a set of cup hooks that will hang 48 mugs of all sizes facing upside down to prevent dust falling inside while hanging.

Mug Hanger Racks
Mug Hanger Racks

Elvins space saving anti dust mug hanger stainless steel racks for hanging 48 mugs especially manufactured for high class coffee bars that cares about dusty mugs and hygiene.

dust free mug hanger designed by Peter Elvins

Patent & Registered Designs

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This is a superb high quality mirror polished chrome modern stylish dust free mug hanger hooks.

No More Dust In Your Mugs

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Registered Design - Patent Pending

As you know all conventional hook hangers always hang the mugs sideways and collects dusts as soon as you hang them. Our Mug Hangers will hang up to four mugs facing downwards. Which means no dust can fall in your mugs while hanging.

If you want a perfect cuppa everytime you need to replace your old cup hooks with our new dust free cup and mug hanger.