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About Us
About us and our philosophy. ... In 1998 Peter Elvins designed and created the first manipulative pictures for the purpose of demonstrating things over the Internet.



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Live Demo Advertiser
Live Demo Pages Killer Advertisements that includes online demo and try-out for products.

Slide Show Advertiser
Slide Show Text Ads Gallery to enhance customer service and improve sales.

Floating Ads
Introducing our Floating Ads with the difference that is highly beneficial.

Classic Country Music Radio
Click and listen to the best of streaming country music while surfing the web.

Dance Music On This Page

Dance1 Music On This Page

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Estate Agents
Links to many estate agents in Berkshire.

Free Listing
UK Estate Agents Registration Form.

Property Advertiser
Sample Property Virtual Tour Advertising.

House Sale
Use our Live Demo Club members to promote your property.

Property Virtual Tour Advertiser
Registration Form Buy and Sell Property.

Third Party Affiliate Radio Ads
3rd Party Affiliates Can Earn More Money From Your Affiliate Programs

Bracknell Musical Instrument Shop.

Student's holiday home
Accommodations ideally suitable for European female students visiting the North Wales England.

Interactive Maps
Puzzle map games and fast finder program suitable for learning basic geography.

Online Fitting Mirror
You could even Mix and Match clothes. Try-on before you order.

Get a Free no obligation quotation to Demo Your Products on the web. Fitting Room Mirror, Slide Show, Box Ads, Link Ads, Whole Page Ads and Other,

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Live Demo Club is New on net. Read about how to get your foot inside a multi billion dollar advertising business.

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Fitting Rooms
Major Breakthrough Online Clothes Fitting Rooms For Clothes Stores

Live Demo Club
Free membership earn money without investing your cash.

Live Demo Team Leaders
To Demo your products we recommend that you choose a dealer who is nearest to your location.

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Skyrocket Sales with the New online Fitting Rooms

Innovative Design
Livepages New generation online demo with Manipulative Pictures.

Live Pages
New way of Marketing products on the Internet

Search Engine Optimizations
Search Engine Submission Optimizations High Ranking and SEO Maintenance Services.

Manipulative Images
Live Demo Pages uses picture manipulative techniques for demonstrating products online.

How does it work
When you use a Live Demo Page you will have full control of the Demo program.

Business with pleasure
It's easy, fun and enjoyable to use because the Live demo is mouse control in real time.

Ultimate marketing tool
Use Live Demo Pages the most Powerful Marketing Tool to boost your sales.

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How to get one million visitors to buy from you!

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Live Demo Stores
Internet Stores that provides online demo for their Customers to use will be listed here in due course.

Fitting Room Survey Survey

Would you like to try-on all those lovely Abound clothes on your computer?

Would you like try-on Additions Clothes on your computer?

Would you like to Demo Argos products on your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Blair clothes on
your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Boden clothes on
your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Blair clothes on your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Dillards clothes on
your computer?

Fashion World
Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Fashion World clothes on your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Kay'sr clothes on
your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Kenneth clothes on your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Kohls fashion on
your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Little Woods clothes on your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Macy's clothes on
your computer?

Marshall Ward
Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Marshall Ward clothes on your computer?

Peacocks Women Clothes Show Case.

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Saksfifthavenue clothes on your computer?

Would you like to Try-on all those lovely Target clothes on your computer?

Bentalls situated in the high street Bracknell town centre.

This is one of the oldest shop in Bracknell.

Sportswear fashion clothes shop in Bracknell.


We have the following Job Vacancies for UK applicants.

PC Amp Repairs and Upgrade Modifications
We can upgrade, transform the Treble, Midrange and clean up the Bass frequencies in your Amplifier Speaker System.

Custom Built Computers
At TopNotch Computers, we are unbeaten on price, quality and performance ...

Computer Prices
Please use this Form to get the best prices for your custom built computer.

Free Auctions
Savelink auctions free auction web site businesses and personal users

Auction Sales Account Terms & Conditions
The account will allow you to view your stats and edit your sales or bid information at any time as you wish.

Banner Exchange Form
To place your Banner fill out the Form below and submit it with your banner code.

Banner Exchange
You can place your banner here and get high quality exposure.

Madeleine McCann
Did the McCanns kill Madeleine Survey

McCann Blog

DIY Forum
You can also thread questions and answerers among other users of this forum.

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Car Repair and Mot Test
Get your vehicle repaired and MOT tested by experts.

eBay Silent Sales Machines
This eBook is great, highly recommended

Need a new Bike? Need your bike repaired on the same day by experts?

Computer Store
Are you looking for a computer shop in Bracknell? Well, you have found them.

Carpet Suppliers
One of the carpet and floor covering warehouse in Bracknell Berkshire UK.

Carpets & Furniture
A list of names, addressers and telephone numbers of Carpets and Furniture stores in Berkshire.

Total Tyres
If you are looking for tyres or exhaust for your vehicle, we offer fast, efficient service at low prices.

Timber Merchants
Travis Perkins in Park Lane Finchampstead Bracknell - Wokingham Berkshire can supply all types of timber products cut to size.

10 Best E-Books
Can any e-books make you rich? See what we have found from this bundle of ten e-books

T E Brown the Poet
Newly Discovered Letters of T. E. Brown, edited by Andrew Graham

Bearded Dragons
Jason's Bearded Dragon Babies For Sale in Bracknell Berkshire.

Baby Scorpions For Sale.

Traffic Exchange Programs
Build your own Traffic Exchange Programs List and get hits even while sleep.

Mouse Click Demos and Slideshows

Sample Demo Application Form
Apply to enter the sample Demo and experience how simple demos can add impact to online advertising.

Live Pages Web Design Classes
We can teach you how to build
your own Live Demo Pages web site.

Argos Rings Slide Show

Argos Watches Demo
If you are an online store owner like Argos selling watches our Online Demo Pages can boost your sales.

Bay Window Demo
The most powerful marketing tool for Online Replacement Window Stores. Live Demo Pages can help your customers to buy Bay Windows from you.

Bed Demo
By using our mouse control Manipulative pictures you can sell more Beds, Bed Linens, Bed Spreads, Comforters, Duvet, Duvet Covers,Pillows, Pillow Covers.

Boy's Clothes

Bread Bin
We have dedicated this page to the Bread bin and Kitchenware Stores. We will let Customers Demo Kitchenware products from thousands of web sites and boost sales.

Bridal Wear

Chadwick's Clothes Slideshow
Here is one of the low cost methods that you can use to boost your clothing sales

Chadwick's Fitting Room Mirror
Get your own private Fitting Room and try-on all those dresses and clothes in Chadwick's catalogue on your Internet Browser.


Vacuum Cleaners

Tumble Dryer

Washing Machine

Other Products

Computer Desk Demo
We have dedicated this page to the Computer Hardware and Computer Desk trade. We can let shoppers Demo your Hardware on the web.Our Online Demo Pages can help the customers to buy computers from you

DJ Mixer Demo Rooms
Demo Rooms on the web Dj Mixer. We can let shoppers demo your DJ mixers from thousands of web sites.

Diamond Rings Demo
We let Customers Demo Jewellery products from thousands of web sites and boost your sales.

Dining Suite
Use Live Demo Pages the most powerful marketing tool with online demo for Dining Room Furniture and boost your sales.

Fitting Room Mirror
We let shoppers try-on clothes in thousands of online Fitting Rooms and send potential customers to your store.

Fridge Demo
When you use our Live Demo we will let Customers Demo your Fridge, other household Electrical Appliance products from thousands of web sites and boost your sales.

Fry Pan Demo
You can see how a simple demo using mouse control functions can produce impact to this page in the Fry Pan picture.

Garage Doors
We let Customers Demo Garage Doors from thousands of web sites and send potential customers to your store.

Garden Sheds
If you are an online store owner that supply Garden Sheds can you imagine what impact Online Demo can do for your store.

Garden Shed Demo
Here is a Slide show Pre-Demo on how to build Garden Shed. You can see snapshots at various stages of the construction.

Girl's Clothes

Hi-fi Speakers
We can let shoppers Demo Speakers from thousands of web sites and send potential customers to your store.

We let Customers Demo Kitchen from thousands of web sites and send them to your store.

Ladders Demo
We let Customers Demo Ladders from thousands of web sites and send them to your store.

Lady's Dresses

Men's Suite

Oven Demo
We can let Shoppers Demo Oven and Cookers from thousands of web sites and send them to your store.

We can let Shoppers Demo Scanners from thousands of web sites and send them to your store.

We can let Shoppers Demo Toys from thousands of web sites and send them to your store.

TV Demo
We can let Shoppers Demo your TV sets from thousands of web sites and send them to your store.

Shop online with WilkinsonPlus at your leisure

Savelink DIY Forum
How to DIY thread. Share your knowledge with others.


External Links

Savelink web design
Low cost web site designers builders developers Graphic Designs

Bracknell Web Design
Professional web designers in Bracknell providing Low Cost Web Design for businesses.

Bracknell MOT
Great Hollands Mot (GHM) MOT Test Service Auto Repair Centre

Car Servicing
Fully equipped to service any make and model of cars, vans, trucks, or 4x4 both type petrol and diesel

Car Parts
(GHM) supply and fit Exhausts. Spare Parts department carry range of stock ...

The Inventor>
You can discover about this mad professor. Who is Peter Elvins? What has he done?

Elvins Loudspeakers
Transmission Line cabinet design finished in hard wood mahogany veneer.

Alpah DJ Mixers
Custom built DJ Mixers are not like anything else that you have ever seen.

China Manufacturers


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Teacups & Mug Hanger

Elvins Interlocking Paving Slabs
You can mail order Elvins Interlocking Garden Paving Slabs and Edging Blocks separately from your local garden centres.

Garden New Pavung Slabs
See More Paving Slabs

Mail Order This 16 Piece Cotswold Blue Dinner Set Waterside Fine China For Just £40.00

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