Ask Macy's Online Store To Provide Online Fitting Room

You can go direct to Macy's Online Store from this page. Please read on and follow it through to the Macy's Online Stores link. It is well overdue for Internet Stores to let their customers Demo & Tryout products online.

Did you know that you could Demo the products and Try-on Macy's clothes online without undressing?

When you shop at Macy's Internet stores, you cannot examine or demo any of their retail products and you certainly cannot try their clothing before you buy.

You simply buy the product from Macy's online store without confidence in your purchases .... Right?

Well, not anymore, the way people shop online is about to change for the better.

We have Mouse Operated Live Demo on the Internet for retail products

By using the new Live Demo Pages Internet Shoppers can demo all kinds retail products.

Just imagine, how nice it would be if all those products in Macy's online store products are shown in Live Demo Pages with manipulative live pictures. Yes, Live Pictures that allows you to open the box, take out the products and view.

Oh yes, you can do much more if Macy's provides Live Demo Pages in their online catalogue for their customers to use.

Macy's should provide live pictures if more customers demand for Live Demo Pages in their online store.

When Macy's provide live demo features you can use a mouse to control the manipulative Live pictures to examine the products properly in the same spot of your browser and in the same window. You don't even have to click on any links to demo the products. The New Live Demo Pages software allows you do things on the Internet that you cannot do before while viewing products.

For instance if Macy's online store use Live Demo Pages you can pickup all the dresses one by one with your mouse to select and view. You can turn it around to look at the back and look inside the dress. You can pick out one particular dress from a rack full of dresses. You can view all the dresses in one spot which means you don't have to scroll up and down the page. You can simulate the feel of the fabrics by using your mouse. You can almost do all the things that you normally do when you are in the high street stores.

You use your mouse on the Live Demo Pages to try any Garments

You can even try those garments that you fancy. You can actually see your image wearing the new garment on your computer screen.

So why purchase any product on the Internet by just looking at still pictures when there are Live Demo Pages that provides mouse control manipulative live pictures?

It's time for you to take control of the way you view and examine the products that you wish to buy online.

It is only fare customer should be provided with a clearer way to view products online. You can help to bring in Live Demo Pages to the Internet much sooner. Now, here is what you can do, contact Macy's and ask them to provide online Fitting Room Mirror and Demo Room or send this survey form to us.

Online Demo Room and Fitting Room Mirror is our contribution to the Internet evolutions

Once you fill out this short Survey Form and click the Submit Button you will be taken direct to the link for this store.

We would truly appreciate your valued opinion and count your vote as either Yes or No towards our contribution to the Internet evolutions.

Your Vote

The following is our Survey Question: Should online stores provide free Fitting Rooms and Demo Rooms for their customers to use?





Thank you for your time and co-operation.

Please, note this is an independent survey and we are not connected in anyway with Macy's.

You can read more about Online Fitting Rooms here.

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