Lightweight Paving Slabs

If you are looking for garden paving slabs here is the Elvins Revolutionary Lightweight Paving Slabs that doesn't chip or crack like heavy cumbersome concrete slabs. Put your order in advance and avoid disappointment.

We manufacture in batches of 2000 slabs at a time therefore, order in advance. Price: 20 Slabs £160.00. Subject to availability.

For a small number, please use the form below to book your required quantity. This is because the minimum quantity we manufacture is 2000 pieces.

lightweight paving slab patio

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Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs are waterproof therefore, your patio will look as new for longer life span and will not deteriorate.

lightweight paving slab See Large Image

Dimensions: 400x350x50mm Weight: 1.9kg Available in two colours: Dark & Light Gray Texture: Coarse Sand or Smooth Gloss finish like this photo.

Just see below what happened to our concrete slabs over time. This will never happen with Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs.

If you are thinking of laying a patio or a makeover your garden then you need to choose the easiest method. This may cost little bit more but you will be buying the very best paving slabs and make easier job.

Paving Slab & Edging Block

We have made it so much easier now any handy person can do all the paving and edging work.

Luxurious High Quality Lightweight Paving Slabs For Garden

Lightweight Paving Slabs Impact Resistant, UV Resistant With 10 year Warranty

Why not place your order right now for a free sample?

Patent No: GB1606856.1 GB1607961.8, Registered Design 5003230

How To Order Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs