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Welcome to Interactive Maps Puzzle Games

To play our games you need IE browser with resolutions to 800 by 600 pixels. When you are ready Jump to Register.

Our interactive map games are easy to use and no plug-ins required users simply register login and play while learning basic geography of different countries.

Since we started this learning program in 2008 we have now added many more games and interactive maps. See list below.

These interactive maps puzzle games are ideal for young students looking to play and learn geography the easy way online.

By using the interactive map puzzle games children could learn the names, location of the towns, cities, counties, province, states, territories, and countries.

There are click drag and drop puzzle map games and fast finder maps. The Live Pages games will help children to memorise the names and, the geographical layout. Children can quickly learn to memorise all the locations of counties in the United Kingdom. Please see the list of maps below for other counties.

The drag and drop puzzle maps are educational and they are more than just fun games.

We believe by building the maps like jigsaw puzzles is a good way to learn.

The Interactive Fast Finder Map can be used for geography classes to find the locations of the countries quickly. There is an Interactive Fast Finder world map included.

In the Interactive Fast Finder Map, the user simply click on the links to find the locations.

Learning Geography made easy online. Using the Live Pages location finder in the Australia map, Canada map and the World map the user can find the location with just one click. It will show a group of cities, counties, province, states, territories, and countries inside a floating square box on the maps. This will also help to memorise the names and, the geographical layout.

Our Live pages designs are extremely easy to use and there are no download. There is no need to download any third party software to use our games.

Live pages will work Microsoft windows XP operating systems and Internet Explorer browser only. Screen Resolution: 800 by 600 pixels. As we do not use any third party plugin software to compensate other browsers inconsistency.

To use this Free service parents or anyone over eighteen years of age need to register. When the registration is complete, we will send the login password by email.

The registered user can enter the geography games classroom area of this site as many times as they wish.

Another free service from

We intend to add much more free interactive games and effects for educational use when time permits.

Below are the list of Interactive Map Games available today .

Australian Territory Finder Map

Canada State Finder Map

China Map Puzzle Game

France Map Puzzle Game

Germany Map Puzzle Game

Italy Map Puzzle Game

Japan Map Puzzle Game

UK Map Puzzle Game

USA Map Puzzle Game

USA Map States and Counties

World Map Country Finder

Please use the form below to register.

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The information that you have provided in the above Form will never be revealed, passed on or sold to any third party.

We Love Feedback

Once you have had some fun with our games, any feedback you give will be much appreciated.

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