T.Y.P.E Fundraising Campaign to teach the Young People Electronics in all schools in the UK for better future.

As we are exiting the EU therefore the UK Government must invest heavily on all small manufacturers, farmers and on young people quickly.

I am fundraising but not asking you for any money. All I am asking is for you to use this website simply to start your online shopping.

Please read the rest of the pages in order to get the full story about why it is so important about this campaign to be a success.

T.Y.P.E stands for Teach Young People Electronics.

Teaching Electronics in Schools is a useful subject for job prospect and opportunities. Since I started this campaign I have included helping the manufacturers and the farmers due to Brexit. This is because UK needs to manufacture more and produce more farmed food. This campaign is to persuade the Government to invest on UK’s future. If you are reading this then why not join us and share your thoughts. Please read more here.

In this fast moving Digital/Electronics Age more employers in the future will be looking for people with some Electronics knowledge or skills. Therefore, this campaign is to persevere the Government to invest on all schools to teach the Children about Electronics form the early age.

I am asking the HM Government to invest more money on educating the children of the 21st century the useful subjects. For this reason I am fundraising to create public awareness to sign a petition for the Government. I am also carrying out a separate feasibility survey to create a successful debate with the Government.

To create public awareness I need the funding to pay for advertising, print flyers and pay the door to door dropping companies throughout the UK.

The BBC and the News Papers do not want to help us on this issue or campaign.

I am Not Asking You For Money

I am working hard online with affiliate marketing companies to raise funds in order to pay for the advertising and the running costs of this campaign as described above.

If you are an online shopper will you please help us raise funds by simply using our www.livepages1.com to click through to the merchant's website stores every time for your shopping?

I will continue with our campaign until the Politicians change the Education Policies to fit according to the twenty first century.

To fund this campaign I am not asking for your money, instead I have started inventing innovative products. Below are the examples. Please go and buy them from your local stores.
Buy the Peter Elvins inventions for fundraising in order to continue this campaign as long as it takes to bring better future.

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