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Online Fitting Room Mirror for Private Users


Online Fitting Room for people who buy clothes from the Internet stores. Shoppers can have their own online Fitting Room Mirror and try-on clothes without undressing.

If you are an Internet shopper, you need not have to buy clothes online without knowing how you would look with your purchase. You do not have to take a chance and buy clothes simply by looking at still pictures of some model wearing the clothes anymore. By using our online Fitting Room Mirror, you can see yourself wearing the clothes in your Internet browser. Is that not great news?

Who can apply for the online Fitting Room Mirror

This program is for personal users only. You have to apply and register to become a member. Members using username and password can enter the private Fitting Room Mirror. If you are a business user then you need to go to our trade only site. Please click here for business user.

Private user members can have their own Free Wardrobe full of clothes to try-on. All you need to do is Login to your private Fitting Room and use your mouse to try-on the clothes.

You can try-on all kinds of clothes that are available on the Internet. If you see anything on the Internet that you wish to see how the clothes will look on you, now it is possible to do so only on this web site.

We create and install your own private Fitting Room Mirror so that you can see how great you or your family will look with any new clothes and fashion products that are available on the Internet.

If you are interested, please upload up to eight photos then fill out the Form below for membership. We need full-length large photos of the person you wish to try-on the clothes. In addition, we need to know your size, the catalogue numbers of the clothes and the store name.

You can try-on Clothes, Jewellery, Hats, Shoes, etc. You can ask us to add any designer brand once you know where to find them.

How to Apply For Private Fitting Room Mirror

Before you apply for your Fitting Room Mirror, please upload your photos first. We need your photos to work from for your Fitting Room. Let us know the name of your photos that you upload to our server.

Click here to upload your photos.

Once you have uploaded your photos you can come back to this page then fill out the Form below.

Fitting Room Mirror Membership Application Form

Please use this Form if you are personal users.

By filling this Form and applying to enter you agree to our Terms and condition.

As soon as we have received your photos, we will contact you by e-mail with instructions for your Fitting Room. That's all you have to do for now. We will look at your Application Form and your Photos and contact you shortly.

Our Secure Privacy Policy

Absolutely Confidential.

We do not pass on your information to any third party.

Fitting Room Mirror Application Form


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