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Cashback Membership Form


Please note Ebay do not allow us give Cashback. Therefore, no Cashback for Ebay shoppers.

In our Associated Merchant's website they use cookies to track and pay us for advertising here our website to sell their products. Out of this money we will share 10% with you. If we get £10.00 from our Associate we will give you £1.00. To get your money you must register on this website. Find out why.

In order for you to get your share must do the following:

   !. To earn money you must use www.livepages1.com to start your shopping.

   2. You must make sure you have the Cookies enabled in your computer or whatever you are using before you go shopping.

   3. After your shopping you need to return to this website and tell us about your purchase and the amount money you spent.

Please use the Form below for your 10% Cash Back if you have clicked through from this website to any of the Merchants and signed up as a new customer.

Remember to tell your friends that we are giving money simply for using our website to go shopping.


Your feedback or comment is important to us in order to help you even more in the future.

Thank you for visiting our Feedback Message Box. We hope that you had a good look around and found our website to be of interest. Did you look at all the free services and business listings? Did you find what you were looking for?

If you like to make a comment about our services or if you think there is a room for improvements please use the form below. We love both good and bad feedback.

If you have any questions please use our 24/7 help desk.





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