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Online Fitting Rooms For Fashion Stores


This page is for those of you selling clothes on the Internet without online fitting mirror. Please read the entire page.

This is the website where you can try-on clothes in own Fitting Rooms.

Our Virtual Fitting Room is open to the public to right now.

We have been offering online fitting room virtual mirror to the public since 2002.

While many webmasters talking about Virtual Fitting Room is coming, we have been developing online fitting rooms since 1998.

Did you notice when you search online fitting room there are many websites listed lately. This is because they simply want to be listed in search engines ranking.

Try-on Clothes Without Undressing

Live Pages Interactive Virtual Realty Fitting Rooms.

Online Clothes Fitting Room allows you to Try-on Clothing in your Internet browser. Our software allows the
user to use the mouse and with or without a webcam to Try-on Clothing live on the Internet.

Online Fashion store that uses our Online Fitting Rooms can let you to try-on and mix and match Clothing Live the Internet.

Our Online Fitting Room Mirror Live Demo Pages will show how you
will look with any garment that you wish to try-on in your browser. At last, Internet Clothing Stores can let Shoppers Try-On Clothing Online.

We provide unique services for buyer and the seller.

By using our Live Interactive Virtual Realty Fitting Rooms, worldwide online fashion stores can provide their customers with a new experience.

Now you can try on all the different mix and match clothing on the Internet.

Use our Fitting Rooms to see how a new garment will look on you and as well as your whole family.

How does the Fitting Room Work?

When an Internet store goes live using our Live Demo Pages software will capture your image from your webcam and combine it with the garment that you picked with your mouse and display both you and garment on your screen. All you have to do just follow the simple instructions.

Beneficial For Internet Stores

Internet Stores can cut down on lost of profits, boost sales and profits using our Online Fitting Rooms because customers can see how the garment fits. Therefore it reduces the returns and refunds or resending.

How often people return the garment they bought online from you?

How many times you had to send them another shipment. How many times you had to give them the money back. How many staff you have to employ in your returns department just to check in and out? How many extra staff you have to employ in the packing department? How much money you spend on shipping costs? What about the extra administration costs?

The Online Fitting Room can help to reduce these problems, cut down on returns, refunds, and furthermore increase your sales and profit.

Our online Live Demo Agents Can let Shoppers Try-On Clothes.

Also, Demo Products from hundreds of web sites for your online store.

Click here to find a Agent near you and get a free quotation for your merchandise.

Private Fitting Rooms
Click here for your Private Interactive Fitting Mirror.


Livepages Online Fitting Room allows you See it, Try it and Wear it on your computer before your order.









Live Demo Pages
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Internet stores that display LDP logo will provide online Demo for their products.

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