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Hello, all you people out there, just relax a little and listen to our radio while autosurfing.


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*Timmer: 30 seconds *Ratio: 5:4 autosurf 5 sites you get 4 hits

*Timmer: 30 seconds

*Timmer: 10 seconds *Ratio: 2:1

*Timmer: 15 seconds *Ratio: 2:1

*Timmer: 15 seconds *Ratio: 2:1

*Timmer: 10 seconds * Signup 5000 credit * *Ratio: 2:1

*Timmer: 10 seconds *4 Frame Surf *ratio: 1:4

*Timmer: 30 seconds *Quad *4 Frame Surf *Ratio:1:3

*Click surf *Ratio: Random up to 500 credit.

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