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Multimedia Amplifier Speaker System Upgrade Modifications


The old Encore P-703 is a wonderful multimedia amplifier speaker system after a bit of a tune-up.

If you own an sub-woofer satellite like Encore P-703 system, you may know the dullness of the sound quality. If you are using sound card in computer with this Amplifier satellite Speaker System you can have it modified to reproduce high quality theatre sound.

Check out your Encore P-703 right now using the above Radio Players.

Even though the concept this whole Encore Amplifier Speaker System is good however, the sound reproduction is not much desirable. You hardly hear the proper Midrange and treble. The sub- woofer is simply booms and there is no bite to the base line.

We can upgrade your old Encore Amplifier Speaker System sound reproduction, transform the Treble, Midrange and clean out the Bass frequencies.

Recording Studio Live Payback Sounds From Your Old Encore P-703 Amplifier Speaker System

The Encore P-703 upgrade modifications for enhanced Realistic High Definition Sounds of the Following:

    1. Proper Snare Drum and Symbols sounds.

    2. Proper Electric Lead and Bass Guitars and other musical Instruments sounds.

    3. Clean Vocal and Harmony Sound.

    4. Clean Stereo Separations

    5. Powerful Sound for Games and Movies.

The finished job on your Encore P-703 will be remarkable without that irritating boom bass and cong-cong coconut shell, midrange sound.

As soon as you switch-on your upgraded Encore P-703, you will hear the difference. You will hear clean musical high, mid and real solid bass come out of floor floor.

We also Modify and Upgrade any other multimedia amplifier speaker systems to reproduce proper high quality sound.

The Recommended Placement For Your Multimedia Amplifier Speaker Systems

The two satellite speakers should be on the desk both sides of your computer screen. The bass unit should be placed under your computer desk facing you.

Contact us for more details.



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