Cup Hangers For Modern Kitchen

Don't ignore the Elvins Anti Dust Cup Hook & Hanger Products before it's too late.

Elvins range of cup hook hangers was invented in order to avoid drinking combination of the aftermath of climate change heave rainfall floods swage burst pipe dust, pigeon dropping and human dried skin dusts.

Hang your cups & mugs by the handle facing upside down and avoid any dangerous dusts.

Source: BMC Microbiology
There are unknown things living in the dark and dusty corners of your home and office, scientists are now one step closer to cataloguing exactly what might be lurking in your indoor environment. Buildings have their own pattern of bacteria in indoor dust, which includes species normally found in the human gut, according to new research.

Also, Pigeon dropping in town centres and under railway bridges drays and turn into dust. In January 2019 two patients dead after contracting 'pigeon dropping infection' at Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

It's a matter of time that air polluted dust will be the serious stomach illness issues for mankind on this planet. The world is becoming dustier with the aftermath of climate change sewage burst pipe floods which dries and becomes dusts, that falls everywhere including inside cups & mugs while hanging facing sideways inside cupboards.

The Safest Cup Hooks In The World For Hanging Cups & Mugs

As you can see the photo on the left nothing touches inside or the rim of the cups. The Elvins dust free cup hooks are the safest cup hooks in the
World for hanging cups and mugs.

If you are searching for cup hangers you will see a brand new cup hanger here that will hang four cups in a confined space facing down to prevent dust in your cups.

However, if you are not concerned about dirty dust in your cups and mugs but just need space then our cup hangers will hang eight cups or mugs facing sideways.

The Elvins Range Of Cup Hook Hangers For Dust Free Cups & Mugs

UK Patent Pending Cup Hangers For Storing Cups Absolutely Clean.

UK Registered Designs

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You can buy from Rogers Hardware, Crowthrone, Berkshire, RG45 6QX Tel: 01344 762300

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Elvins Stainless Steel 8 Cup Or Mug Hanging Stands
24 Cup/Mug Stainless Steel Wall Mount Racks

Dust Free Cup Hanger Wall Mounting Unit For Kitchens

Freestanding/Wall Mounting Unit With Draw

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Can You Hang Your Cups Facing Down To Prevent Dirty Dusts? Yes Now You Can With Elvins Cup Hangers

To prevent dust inside your cups we manufacture sturdy cup hangers for hanging four cups facing down in a small space inside the cupboard or anywhere in the house.

cupboard frontMouse Over Image Cupboard Model: CB8

Dust is our worst enemy. This is a new high quality hook hanger for modern kitchen, will prevent dirty dust being collected inside the cups and mugs while hanging on ordinary hooks. It is designed by Peter Elvins for hanging cups and mugs upside down to prevent dirty dust in the beverages.

A New High Quality Cup Hanger For Modern Kitchen

Until now all cup hangers always hang cups sideways and collect dust. Our cup hangers will hang cups upside down to prevent dust falling inside.

High Quality Mirror Polished Chrome Plated DUST FREE Cup Hanger

This is a brand new unique cup hanger useful kitchenware product for the 2016 and beyond. The product is attractively packaged which is ideal for gifts.

This unique product for the retail stores we offer a superb quality mirror polished hooks rack that hangs cups and mugs by the handle facing downwards.

All steel mirror polished cup hangers for retail in Supermarkets, Kitchenware Departmental Stores, Garden Centres, High Class General Stores and Chemist Stores.

A Better Method Of Hanging Cups And Mugs On Hook Hangers That Prevents Dirty Dust In Your Tea Or Coffee

This unique all steel mirror polished hook racks suitable for stylish modern kitchens. The above picture shows how the mugs are hung facing down to prevent dust in your drinks.

Why did we design dust free cup and mug hanger? Dust exists in the air. It’s bad enough as we breath all kinds of dust from the time we were born and we are used to it’s existence. However, we can taste dust in hot or warm drinks.

Do you know why sometimes your favourite brand tea or coffee tastes different? The reason is why your drink tastes different the short answer is while hanging sideways on hooks unusual amount dust has fallen inside your cup or mug on that particular hour of the day.

Do you know how much dust and dirt you drink every year? Now you can hang your cups and mugs facing down using our dust free hanging hooks and enjoy better tasting tea or coffee with confidence everytime.

Dust spoils our drinks.

The above picture shows three mugs of various sizes hanging on hooks facing downwards to prevent dust falling inside them.

This invention offers dust free method for hanging hooks for cups and mugs.

The use of conventional hooks for hanging cups or mugs collects dusts in the atmosphere. The dust particulars falls, settle and build up over a period of time.

However, to overcome these problems cups and mugs should be hung facing downwards upside down, which prevents dust falling inside the vessels.

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Manufacturing Capacity: 100,000

We can supply 100,000 units every month with your logo brand trademark on the packaging.

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