Cup Hanger Racks

Don't ignore the Elvins Anti Dust Cup Hook & Hanger Products before it's too late.

Hang your cups & mugs by the handle facing upside down and avoid any dangerous dusts.

Single Rail 12 Cup/Mug Hanger Rack Wall Mounted

Wooden Cup Rack

cup hooksBuild Your Own Wooden Anti Dust Cup & Mug Rack

Double Rail 24 Cup/Mug Hanger Rack Wall Mounted

Single Rail 24 Cup/Mug Hanger Rack Wall Mounted

24 cup hook racks

Double Rail 24 Cup/Mug Hanger Rack Wall Mounted

48 Mug Stainless Steel Hook Rack

48 cup-hanger-rack Model: CMH48SSR

Elvins manufacturer a wide range of space saving anti dust cup and mug hanging hook racks for coffee bars, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants extra.

teacup-hooksZoom Modern Hygienic No Dust Teacup Hooks

It's a matter of time that air polluted dust will be the serious stomach illness issue for mankind on this planet.

The air is becoming more poisonous with the aftermath of climate change sewage burst pipe floodwater that dries and becomes dusts. The dust falls everywhere including inside cups & mugs while hanging facing sideways and even inside cupboards.

Also, Pigeon dropping in town canters and under railway bridges drays and turn into dust. In January 2019 two patients died after contracting 'pigeon dropping infection' at Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

If your coffee bar or shop offer traditional style of drinking tea and coffee using Chinaware then why not show your customers that your drinks are hygienically clean dust free by hanging your cups and mugs facing upside down.

For those reasons we manufacture 8 different sizes of Anti Dust Cup/Mug Hanger Racks especially for high street coffee bars and shops. Your customers will avoid drinking exhaust fume dust; aftermath of swage burst pipe dust; pigeon dropping dust and any other unhealthy dusts.

Contact us now, if you want to avoid poisonous dust in your cups and mugs by using our innovative Space Saving Anti Dust Cup/Mug Hook Racks.

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