Manufacturers In China

If you are looking for a list of manufacturers in China you will find them here soon. We built this site to help English Speaking Buyers and Chinese Manufacturers.

Chinese Manufacturers, English Speaking Buyers and Chinese Translators can advertise below for FREE of Charge.

We at Elvins have been manufacturing in the UK since 1992. In June 2016 went to China for manufacturing some of our products. But up to September 2016 we have not found any good English speaking Chinese manufacturer yet.

During the past three months we found there are many inexperience manufacturers in China. They will manufacture send out products that are absolutely rubbish and we have lost our time and money.

There is a big language barrier. For this reason we are recruiting Chinese Translators to help both English speaking buyers and Chinese manufacturers.

All three parties English speaking buyers, Chinese manufacturers and Chinese Translators can advertise below for FREE and contact each other.

Free Advertising For All Manufacturing Industries In China

Electronics - Sheet Metal - Steel Wire Forming - Packaging

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