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If you are a regular search engine user then you need to read through this article and find out what happened to our high-ranking pages.

There are many reasons why everyone should bookmark this Livepages website as there are spammers using our domain name to confuse people and Google search engine.

You have probably noticed that our Livepages is not any ordinary website as we provide unusual methods online media service.

Furthermore, we are open, frank and transparent throughout this site.

We strongly recommend that you bookmark our home page if you have already browsed around the rest of the site and found it to be of interest.

In this article we talk about the most important reason only.

When we launched this website in 2002, we believed that Livepages technology going to be the next big thing in the advertising world.

Livepages is growing fast with huge membership network, new way of advertising, marketing and promotions over the Internet.

We have thousands of people visiting us everyday even though we are not selling any product or goods nor are we a social network website.

The reason why so many people visiting us within thousands of our club there are worldwide members advertising and promoting the Livepages on and off line round the clock. This means that our website being well visited by real people and not only by spying robots.

Good reason to bookmark us.

About three weeks after Livepages went on the Internet in 2002, 90% of our pages were indexed inside the top thirty placements. In August 2011 over 476 keyword phrases our visitors used to find us in Google.

Towards the end of September 2011 Google’s indexing system have gone unstable with our Livepages. For example sometimes you will find results for our Livepages placed in the original place. Once you click the link then repeat the same search you may not find it again.

We believe since adding our unique visitor counter display, we have lost all of the high-ranking pages in Google.

If our unique visitor counter display created this problem for our pages to disappear in Google then perhaps someone or something programmed it because of jealousy. If that were true then Google would have informed us according to rulebook.

They are deliberately allowing Spammers to take our high-ranking places in the search results. The Spammers have placed hot links in our website to display our homepage in their websites.

Howerer, you can read Google's What Happend to Livepages1.com here: http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=livepages1.com

We have contacted Google about this matter but we have had no response from them yet.

There are other major search engines Yahoo, Msn, in your country that you may use.

Bookmark this page now before you forget. Or write the web address www.livepages1.com in your address book.





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