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Bracknell Amen Corner Music shop has probably the largest Guitars and other Musical Instruments stock held in Berkshire.

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Amen Corner Music shop stock a minimum of 290 Guitars on display at any time. Current stock of musical instruments and electronics have just reached a record levels. For example there are 900 guitars in stock.

This music shop also specialises in supplier of guitar related products catering for the beginner to working professional guitarists.

Amen Corner Music are the Bracknell stockists, for guitars made by, PRS, Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, Washburn, MD, Ovation, Heritage, Aslin Dane, Fender, Marshall, Parker, Laney, Torque, Crate, Crafter, Squier, Tanglewood, Fernandes, Orange, Samick, BC Rich plus dozens of others, from Electric to Bass, via classical, semi acoustic, while also dipping into Banjo's, Mandolins and Ukes.

All guitars are tuned & set-up before leaving the shop and all new guitars come with a 1 year warranty. (Second hand guitars have a 3 month warranty).

These are all shop prices not mail order only.
Make sure that you pay the correct price and don't be mislead.

If you are in Berkshire please first go to this music shop or visit their website and have a browse.

Amen Corner Bracknell guitars musical instruments shop contact phone number and address below.

Visit Amen Corner Music

Tel: 01344 427783

Amen Corner Music
Beehive Road
RG12 8TR


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