Introducing the Manipulative Moving Pictures (MMP)©

Welcome to Introducing the Manipulative Moving Pictures

This is a new way of Marketing products on the Internet

(MMP)© lets visitors demo products on the web pages.

The (MMP) offers commercial web sites with new features for viewing products equal to the high street stores for viewing and shopping. By using this technique it is possible to produce the ultimate and fully usable web livepages for demonstration proposes. The (MMP) technique is also especially useful for producing a multitude of other Electronic Live Presentations.

A unique technique

Our Web Design offers with a unique technique that you have NEVER seen anywhere else before. Web Design in Live Pages is for the benefit of Internet shoppers. Your visitors can manually Inspect, Demo and View your products in various angles.

By using the (MMP) technique web design for your web site the Internet shoppers can Demo any product that you may sell. The user Controls the Live Demo In Real Time.

Small businesses, Catalogue Mail Order businesses tremendous customer relationship leading to more sales. can create web sites with Live (MMP) of your entire merchandise or just few selected items.


Ordinary online advertising without Live Demo is the thing of the past

This is a new way of marketing your products on the Internet. Live Demo Pages is also useful for world-wide conferences, seminars and workshops. To see how it's done enter the
Demo pages.

Live Demo Page Providing the perfect solution for selling successfully online. People are not going look at your still pictures, read your offers and buy from you, but they are most likely to buy from you if you offer the right tool.

Live Demo Pages make the customer's usability experience, the most important aspect of your web site. We create a user friendly interface experience that is pleasant for your visitors. If you want sell online make sure you know your Customer's Rights. You will make less refunds if your web site is in Live Demo Pages. Because, Customers can demo the product before they buy.

Saucepan and Lid Apply to see the Live Demo

Still pictures

When you use our Live Demo Pages you can remove the Lid and see the finish inside the Saucepan.

Bed apply to see the Live Demo

These are just still pictures, to see them live you need to apply and enter the Live Demo Pages demo room.

Demo your products Live on the web and improve the performance of your online business.

You do not have to waste your money on Ordinary web designs.

A Fantastic way of viewing and buying on Line. Register and enter the Live Demo Pages and you can experience the new Live features in these pictures and more.

Drass apply to see the Live Demo

Try-on Clothes

You can pull out a Dress one at a time from a selection to view the full range. You don't have to scroll up and down the page to view.

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