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Introducing The Live Demo Pages Using Real Time Images Manipulative Ads

We are glad you have found this page as there is a little story to tell about Livepages Images Manipulative Ads .

Read through to discover how this new generation of livepages online advertising that transforms the Information Technology into Virtual Realty.

Originally, Peter Elvins invented the online demo for household domestic products and named it Livepages.

It was named Live pages because it is live demo by the user on the page. In other words you can open the box and look at products in all angles.

You can try on clothes, hats, cosmetic products, shoes etc.

It was beginning of winter 1997 we decided to allow online shoppers to demo products or try before they buy. The idea was demonstrating all kind of retail products, fashion products and clothes on the Internet.

In 2002, Google, Msn and Yahoo ranked our Livepages in the top ten for several keywords. This attracted Internet surfers and web site builder’s attentions.

Since then there are so many sites copied and indexed in search engines as livepages. You will be very much mistaken if you think that this is just another advertising system.

We guarantee that Live Demo Pages Ads using Real Time Manipulative Images are unique. No other web developer in the world has ever produced a web site with manipulative pictures to demo retail products and fitting mirror on the web.

This next generation of advertising will allow surfers Demo merchandise as they browse the Internet. This will create great attraction and interest in the advertisement.

You can read about Livepages web design here.

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