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Lightweight Paving Slabs

Are you looking for paving slabs for your garden?

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garden paving slabs

garden paving slab 1.9kg Lightweight Tough Paving Slab Zoom Image

Dimensions: 400x350x50mm Weight: 1.9kg Available in two colours: Dark & Light Gray Texture: Coarse Sand.

Lightweight Paving Slabs Are Simply The Best For Gardens & Patios

End users need to ask your local builder's merchants or garden centres to order the Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs for you.

Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs are manufactured to the highest standers. The internal designs and engineering of paving slabs makes it to be the best for DIY garden and patios. They are very easy to use as they simply anchors into the sand or soil and doesn't move or shift. Our paving slabs weigh just 1.9kg but hard wearing all weather proof. Best of all they will look as new very much longer and nicer feeling to walk on than any other paving slabs.

Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs Are Unique - Better - Lighter - Stronger - Doesn't Chip Or Crack Like Concrete Or Granite Stones - Much Easier To Install And Keep Clean.

Just see below what happens to concrete slabs over time. This will never happen with Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs. No more grass and weed growth and cracked paving slabs on your patio.

A ordinary 400 x 350 x 50mm concrete paving slab weighs 15.7kg
Elvins Paving Slabs 400 x 350 x 50mm weighs 1.9kg and much better than concrete or stone slabs. Elvins Paving Slabs Doesn't Break Or Chip, Easier To Lay And Keep Clean (No More Washing)

Elvins paving slabs are light in weight but tough and strong. They don't break, crack or chip like concrete and stone slabs. It took us over two years to develop the perfect paving slabs for garden use that are better than concrete slabs in many ways.

If you are thinking of laying a patio or a makeover your garden then you need to choose the lightweight paving slabs. This may cost little bit more but you will be buying the very best paving slabs and make easier job.

We supply to trade only therefore, you need ask your local store to order the lightweight paving slabs for you.

Luxury High Quality Lightweight Paving Slabs For Garden

Paving Slab Dimensions:
400mm X 350mm X 50mm
Weight: 1.9Kg

Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs Are Unique - Better - Lighter - Stronger - Doesn't Chip Or Crack Like Concrete Or Granite - Much Easier To Install And Keep Clean - Contact Us Or Ask For Elvins Paving Slabs At Your Local Builder's Merchants Department Stores and Garden Centres
Paving Slab & Edging Block
Convertible Paving Slab To Edging Paving Block (Bolted Together With Nylon Bolt & Wing-nut Provided)

We have made it so much easier to lay garden patio by using hard wearing lightweight paving slabs. DIY - Now you too could do all the paving and edging work yourself.

Order through your local garden centre for Elvins lightweight paving slabs.

garden paving slabs

Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs Are Tough, Impact Resistant, All Weather Proof, UV Resistant.

Texture and colour: Sand

10 year Warranty

Patent No: GB1606856.1 GB1607961.8, Registered Design 5003230

Please order through your local Garden Centre, Builder's Merchants, Department Stores. Or use the form below to contact us for your nearest supplier.

Manufacturing Capacity: 10,000

We can supply 10,000 units every month with your logo brand trademark on the packaging.

Please note Elvins Lightweight Paving slabs are for garden use and NOT recommended for public highway or private driveway.

Go to your local garden centre and ask them to order if you want to buy the Elvins Lightweight Paving Slabs for your garden. Or register now for a free sample Lightweight Paving Slab.

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