Lawn Walkway Border Edging Blocks And Paving Slabs

garden border block

Elvins Lightweight Border Blocks Better Than Concrete Blocks
Dimensions: 400 x 155 x 50 mm - LightWeight: 600 grams

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Elvins Lightweight Garden Border Edging Blocks Are Unique - Better - Lighter - Stronger - Doesn't Chip Or Crack Like Concrete Or Granite - Much Easier To Install And Keep Clean - Contact Us Or Ask For Elvins Border Blocks At Your Local Builder's Merchants, Department Stores and Garden Centres

Welcome to Lightweight Garden Border Edging Blocks

Introducing the latest in garden border edging block.

With our convertible lightweight garden edging blocks and paving slabs you can easily create five different colour patterns of permanent walkways.

You can even build your Pet's Grave.


It is very easy to create a beautiful walkway using our patented Lightweight Garden Border Blocks and attachable paving slabs.

These Lightweight Garden Border Edging Blocks can be interlock with our paving slabs in order to convert as all in one bordering and paving.

Want To Know How We Made Our Lightweight Edge Border Blocks?

Dead Simple When You Know How To Mix New ABS - Polypropylene - PVC

*British Invention *Light Weight *Heavy Duty *Made To Last *Easy To Handle

With our lightweight edging blocks you can easily create attractive border and also can be plugged into our paving slabs to create walkways.

Low Cost Labour Saving - Lightweight - Made To Last - Edging Bordering Block For Garden

To order these lightweight garden edging blocks please contact your local garden centre. Or use the form below to contact us for your nearest supplier.

We can supply 10,000 units every month with your logo brand trademark on the packaging.

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