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Garden Border Paving Slabs

Do you want to make your garden outstandingly beautiful?


We are extremely confident about our Bordering and Paving Sets so, we are offering you to see and feel how tough our products actually are before you buy. Just send the Form below to book your free sample.


For Garden Centres For Trade we offer sale or return.

edging paving slab


Elvins Manufacture Unique Garden Border Paving Slabs That Are Better, Much Lighter, Stronger, Doesn't Chip Or Crack Like Concrete Or Granite, Much Easier To Install And Keep Clean.

Contact us or ask for elvins border paving slabs at your local builder's merchants and garden centres.

In Fig1 on the left shows edging block and paving slab apart as separate items. Which means you can buy the edging block and paying slab separately. We provide two nylon wing-bolts and nylon nuts in order to join both together as one complete unit.

Tough Border Blocks For Garden Size: 400 X 155 X 50mm Weight: 600grams

elvins edge paving
elvins edging blocks
elvins edging slab
border paving slab
rope edge bordering blocks

Elvins range of Edging Border Blocks and Paving Slabs.

You can even build your Pet's Grave.

Coming soon to your garden center a unique range registered design hardwearing border paving slabs.

*Revolutionary Garden Paving and Bordering  *Lightweight *Easier For Creating Beautiful Garden Walkway

Introducing a range of garden border edging paving slabs ideal for creating garden walkway. These new heavy-duty lightweight edge bordering, paving slabs will be available in authorised garden centres and builders merchants.

New Tough Paving Slabs designed by Peter Elvins. More

Texture: Sand

Colour: Dark Gray and Light Gray

10 year Warranty

Dimensions: 400mm X 400mm X 45mm

Weight: 2.3Kg

Castle Edge Bordering Paving Slab
The Castle: is a luxury garden edging block complete with integrated paving slab for creating majestic walkway around flowerbeds and garden edges.

Crown Edge Bordering Paving Slab
The Crown: garden edge bordering block complete with integrated paving slab.

Wave Edge Bordering Paving Slab
The Wave Edge Bordering Paving Slab Ideal For Creating Wave Effect Garden Path

Rope Edge Bordering Paving Slab

The Rope

Now anyone can create beautiful garden edging border path easily.

These Edge, Bordering Paving Slabs are for creating cost effective and labour saving paths around the flower beds and the garden.

Edging block section is 155mm high. The paving slab 400mm wide by 400mm long for the smaller version.

You can see more pictures of a garden showing before and after laying this Edge Border Paving.

Block Edge Bordering Paving Slab

Edging Slab Original 400

First Designed Date 31 May 2014

Patent No: GB1606856.1 GB1607961.8, Registered Design 5003230

A: Shaped Edge
B: Rounded Top
C: Shaped For Water Drainage
D: Sloped stepping slab for water drainage.
Dimensions: 400mm X 400mm X 155mm X 45mm

New Edging, Bordering and Stepping Slab in One Block Making Light Work For You. Laying a walkway and edging round your flower beds or round the garden will be so much easier.

This invention relates to garden edging, bordering and paving slab made up using various types including Concrete, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene or Rubber based plastic block.

The traditional way of laying border and a stepping slab is two separate jobs.

This invention offer for laying garden edging, bordering and stepping slab in one job.

Please note Elvins Garden Paving slabs are NOT recommended for public roads or private driveway.

Manufacturing Capacity: 10,000

We can manufacture up to 10,000 Edging Blocks, Paving Slabs every month and deliver from our factory directly to your store on time.

Also, if you are a end user you can save money by asking your local garden centre to order the Elvins Border Paving Slabs for you.

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